Tinker Time: What's in a Computer Technician's Tool belt?

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Years of working as a computer technician has taught me one thing: always be prepared. So that may sound like a girl scout motto but this adage really holds true for me. My tool kit may not be as fancy as a doctor's or as cool as painter's but it has helped me perform even better at my job.

I'm a freelance computer technician so I have no hours. I go where opportunity beckons. At least, for those I can afford the fare for. Since most clients can't really describe their computer woes in a succinct manner, I tend to lug  several tools with me on these adventures.

The tools I have can be easily separated into two categories: software tools and hardware tools.

Software Troubleshooting Tools

My rule of thumb for fixing computers is always start with the software. Except for the pretty much obvious hardware problems (bashed screens, sticky keyboards and beeping POST errors), most computer problems can be fixed by tweaking on some settings or running other diagnostic software. 

Hardware Troubleshooting Tools

As much as I would like to be as simple as a software problem, there are times when no amount of tweaking can save the day. The hardware parts now become "victims" to my incessant examinations. Thankfully though, most of the cases encountered almost always dealt with poor maintenance rather than the electronics going kaput. There have been special circumstances though.

My Small Breasts Earned Me A Star

If everyone thought that a good cleavage will bump you ahead almost all the time, then think again. In my case my small breasts made my day. I mean that in a figurative way of course.

For months I've been dreaming of earning my first ever writing star at Helium. Not only would it improve my article earnings from page views, it would also mean that I can qualify to earn at Helium's marketplace. Something I've been pining for so I can free myself from the ridiculous rates I'm getting at other freelancing sites.

For the past week I noticed that the article I wrote about breast implants has given me more earnings compared to the other articles I've written. That really surprised me since that article was really a spur of the moment thing. I just saw the title and really felt that I should write something about it. The piece I wrote only took thirty minutes or less. I was hesitant to hit the post button because I wasn't sure if I'd do well. But I did anyway. To my amusement I got a really good rating for it.

From Health.com

This morning, a variant of the topic captured my attention: "The benefits of having small breasts". As I was reading through the other articles under it, I remembered a discussion I had with a friend the other day. The heat of the summer was taking its toll and I braved wearing something provocative, anyway it was summer I reasoned. Our town is still a bit conservative. When my friend saw me dressed that way, she also decided to change and wear something as provocative. I protested.

Because we were a couple of bra sizes apart, I argued that she might be attracting too much attention. There's a reason why people are conservative here. The locals are not so refined when it comes to appreciating bare skin, even if its just a glimpse of it. Anyway, she decided to change while grumbling that I had double standards. Well, I didn't. The truth of the matter is no one would appreciate something that is not there as in my case, right?

Inspired by this, I wrote a couple of paragraphs about what I honestly thought was the benefits of having small breasts. After a few hours, I checked again. And guess what? It was the top article. And few hours more, I had my writing star and my market place badge. Since it was just my seventh article in a competitive title, I at least expected one star. But I got two instead. What a happy surprise!

Right now Helium is acting up and I can't log-in. I can't wait to check the marketplace titles and try my hand at it. If I could stamp this star on my hand I would. And like any other pre-school kid, I'd refuse to wash my hands, stomp my feet and bite anyone who dares to rub it off.

Cooking the Philippines

Yes I have heard of an oven or rice cooker. In fact, I think I have a rice cooker somewhere in my kitchen. Like any other Filipino, I only take it out of the box when I actually have to use it.

Robots are marrying couples now in Japan. But in the Philippines, cooking is still as sooty as ever.
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I'm Writing Again

I am now officially, a techblogger. Who would have thought that someone would land such a job just by browsing through the Internet? Oh, I have heard of writing online but I never thought I'd get the chance to eke some earning out of it. Blogging, I thought would be something that was really tedious and was high maintenance. For months, I have put off publishing a blog of my own since I have never been a prolific writer. I'm still developing my craft and comparing my writing style with other published writers out there just made me procrastinate more and more. Well, after a few weeks of practicing and just participating in my favorite social networking site, MyLot, I finally got the courage to start writing.

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Social Networking Has Never Been This Fun

I admit I'm not one those people who has multiple accounts in social networking sites. I tend to ignore invitations that barrage my email. But then again, they may seem to accumulate in my inbox because I seldom check my e-mails.

But these past few days, with my online job quota almost done, I decided to have a look at some of these sites. I decided to scrap famous social networking sites from my list. Facebook, Friendster and Twitter seem a bit too familiar for me. I still maintain cell phone connections with by close buds and I've known them since childhood and I guess I've had enough updates about them--for now.

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Hearing Voices

Okay that might sound wrong. I'm not schizophrenic or something. I'm just a normal person who just talks to herself sometimes. Er..most of the times. Oh okay! A lot of times.

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The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth

I think there might have been a mix-up when they started the whole enterprise of printing bibles. There might have been a misprint when they printed the passage "...the meek shall inherit the earth". Must be the reason why, for so many years, geeks all over the world never found the satisfaction in being the meekest of the bunch.

Well, at least not until Bill Gates and Steve Jobs started carving out an empire of their own, that is.

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