I'm Writing Again

I am now officially, a techblogger. Who would have thought that someone would land such a job just by browsing through the Internet? Oh, I have heard of writing online but I never thought I'd get the chance to eke some earning out of it. Blogging, I thought would be something that was really tedious and was high maintenance. For months, I have put off publishing a blog of my own since I have never been a prolific writer. I'm still developing my craft and comparing my writing style with other published writers out there just made me procrastinate more and more. Well, after a few weeks of practicing and just participating in my favorite social networking site, MyLot, I finally got the courage to start writing.

MyLot Training

You should have seen me being awkward in my posts all the time. I had spelling and grammar errors, I used metaphors the wrong way and sometimes sounded like someone getting crazier and crazier by each post. I am lost in translation personified. Thank God the community was not a bunch of magazine editors that took grammatical errors too seriously. Every step of the way, I learned. I began posting more fluid conversations. I began to take an effort to check my post for errors and nuances before I hit the 'post' button. In short, I became more confident as I learned.

Helium, Associated Content and Triond Experience

One friend in MyLot started a discussion about writing online. I was amazed at how many people out there were earning trickling amounts just by submitting articles they really were interested in. Some suggested Triond, Helium and Associated Content. My first try was at Triond. I wrote an article about getting rid of a malware infection without formatting my hard drive. I was quite excited when I got hits and page views without even advertising for it. It turns out; a lot of people have had the same dilemma as mine. It was a quick write for me since just a few days before that I had a client groaning about his precious files being lost after a malware infection. I tried to salvage what was left of his computer by trial and error and soon got rid of the infection. My client was so happy about it that I had more clients coming in after he set out to advertise for me in his office. I thought that was the end of earning from that experience. Of course, with my article is still at Triond, I'm watching penny after penny trickle into my account as more people sought out solutions and found my article. I learned, however, that Associated Content and Helium had more to offer than Triond. Triond lets you publish articles to other sites, but only if you publish there first. So I decided to rewrite my article for AC and Helium. I was surprised how it was becoming easier for me to write articles. After a few days of waiting the article got published at AC and Helium.

At Helium I liked the way I had to rate other writer's works. Aside from learning from their articles, I began seeking out writing styles that worked online. I began to notice what made an article effective. I took note of how writers presented their points and made them unique. It turns out that online writing craved for originality and information at the same time. The first thing that would really entice your readers is your opening paragraph. It should provide insight and humor at the same time. Each writer has his own style and that should be encouraged. It is always a good thing to approach a subject in a new light. The audience has no inclination to read your article if you will present them clich├ęs throughout the article. Long articles should be presented in chunks with sub headers as much as possible. One thing a reader looks at first is the format of the article itself. If your paragraphs are way too long and look cluttered you risk losing your audience.

Earning as a Freelancer

I'm still learning so I'm no expert. . At least for now, I have taken a big step towards developing my craft. Still, I have found a way to have a lucrative earning from writing online. In just a month, I have managed to own a debit card where I deposit my online writing earnings. I signed up as a member of Freelancer.com. It did take me a few days to land a job without many qualifications to boast of, but when I managed to land a job, I was really ecstatic. I started out as a forum poster with .50 c per post. I was lucky to have a very nice buyer and he was not so demanding at all. However, since it was my first time I worked hard to beat the deadline earlier than I should. I was always suggesting ways for the job to become easier for the buyer. The buyer seemed to like my zest and he hired me for another job right after I finished my first one. That was my first $100 in just a week. My second job was for a research paper that I had to do within 12 hours. Since I was really a student myself, I have dealt with the ins and outs of research writing so it was an easy feat. That was another $100 in just 12 hours. Since I'm a part time freelance writer, I only take jobs during long weekends or if during the week, the job is not too time consuming. Until now, I still work for projects for the same clients.


As a techblogger I have to turn in one article per day. Sometimes writing on the same subject takes its toll, so what I do is write three or four articles when I'm in the mood to write and just work on the other articles at leisure. That way, I will not end up stressing about quotas or deadlines. I try to write a different article without any connection to my current job for the sake of variety. These articles I post at Helium or AC.

Having a regular job means more responsibility. When I accepted the job I accepted my buyer’s demands for the job. I have deadlines and quotas to beat. I also have to make sure that I deliver fresh content every time. No buyer would work with me if I it turned out I plagiarize. I just made sure that before I started on the job, my limitations and my rates are clear. This means that my buyer understands that I’m a part-time freelancer and could only turn in a certain number of articles per week.

Why I balked at starting to write again now seems lost to me. It is always fun to write about anything that interests me. The research I have to do for my articles electrifies my writing muse and just makes me want to create better articles. It also doesn't hurt that I earn from doing something I really like. Not one bit, promise.

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Found your blog through redgage. I would like to commend you for plunging into online writing and landing some writing gigs. Because I don't have much confidence yet, I keep myself busy writing reviews for ReviewStream


If you need a break from article writing why not try sharing your opinions through reviews and still earn.

Good luck w/ your online writing endeavor.

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