Hearing Voices

Okay that might sound wrong. I'm not schizophrenic or something. I'm just a normal person who just talks to herself sometimes. Er..most of the times. Oh okay! A lot of times.

It's not because I'm weird or I try to be weird all the time. This just happens. For example, I was on one of our public transports when I heard myself answer loudly to something that was bugging me the whole day. And it was not just a simple yes or no. It was a whole sentence! It took a while before it hit me. What really made me look around was the squeaky sound of the fake leather upholstery as the woman beside me tried to scoot away discreetly. I could hear her inching away slowly. I guess if I had turned around the right time, I could have seen the weird look she threw at me.
At least some people thought it was funny. I actually caught a small raising of an eyebrow and a twitch on one of the corners of the mouth of the man in front of me.
I figured I'm having a lot of conversations with myself lately that I have become used to it. There are times I'd scold myself for being too clumsy. I even tell myself "I told you so!". But what bothers me is that I really don't care if I'm scaring someone else because of it.
Talking to myself is fun and is the most effective way to remind myself of my day to day tasks. Besides where can I find someone who doesn't get offended with everything I say?
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