The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth

I think there might have been a mix-up when they started the whole enterprise of printing bibles. There might have been a misprint when they printed the passage "...the meek shall inherit the earth". Must be the reason why, for so many years, geeks all over the world never found the satisfaction in being the meekest of the bunch.

Well, at least not until Bill Gates and Steve Jobs started carving out an empire of their own, that is.

For centuries, geeks and nerds have been the most misunderstood of the creative geniuses. Artists were commissioned to paint cathedral domes and large murals. Architects were ordained to design avant-garde cathedrals and edifices. Whilst geeks and nerds, always ahead of their time, were sentenced to the gallows or were forced to jump from the bell towers of a cathedral. Of course, back then they were known as heretics and the harbinger of misfortune.

If Benjamin Franklin did not find a way to harness electricity, all geeks have either burned at the stake or would have started an occult following. Thankfully, light bulbs have illuminated our paths to progress--in both the literal and figurative sense of the word.

Slowly geeks have found a place in today's fast changing world. If not for the geeks, multi-billion dollars would have been wasted--heck it might not exist at all. Advances in the sciences would have been lost in the din of backward thinking. The development of the Internet became the most agreeable place to let the geekdom rise.

Today, most of the billionaires under 30 did not inherit their riches. Even Forbes' Youngest Billionaires list can't deny the fact that self-made billionaires are geeks and nerds.Take Mark Zuckerberg's topping the list for example. Who knew that this love forlorn chap would start an empire? I admit, Facebook's pillars are getting pummeled right now, but you can't be poor if you're still a multi-millionaire when everything collapses, right?

Even big TV networks are in the bandwagon for honoring the geeks of these times. CSI, Chuck, Big Bang Theory, Bones, Glee(k) and even old reruns of McGyver are doing fairly well if not outstanding against the tide of fleeting interests of the viewers.

A few years ago, to be a geek was social suicide. It was even an affront to be called a nerd if you aiming to be accepted as a "normal" teenager. But these past few years have been a revelation for self-acceptance. Not to fit a mold nowadays means you've got a whole life of potential ahead of you.

Maybe one day, if children are asked what they want to be when they grow up, not a few would answer that they want to be a geek. Perhaps just like me. 

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