My Small Breasts Earned Me A Star

If everyone thought that a good cleavage will bump you ahead almost all the time, then think again. In my case my small breasts made my day. I mean that in a figurative way of course.

For months I've been dreaming of earning my first ever writing star at Helium. Not only would it improve my article earnings from page views, it would also mean that I can qualify to earn at Helium's marketplace. Something I've been pining for so I can free myself from the ridiculous rates I'm getting at other freelancing sites.

For the past week I noticed that the article I wrote about breast implants has given me more earnings compared to the other articles I've written. That really surprised me since that article was really a spur of the moment thing. I just saw the title and really felt that I should write something about it. The piece I wrote only took thirty minutes or less. I was hesitant to hit the post button because I wasn't sure if I'd do well. But I did anyway. To my amusement I got a really good rating for it.


This morning, a variant of the topic captured my attention: "The benefits of having small breasts". As I was reading through the other articles under it, I remembered a discussion I had with a friend the other day. The heat of the summer was taking its toll and I braved wearing something provocative, anyway it was summer I reasoned. Our town is still a bit conservative. When my friend saw me dressed that way, she also decided to change and wear something as provocative. I protested.

Because we were a couple of bra sizes apart, I argued that she might be attracting too much attention. There's a reason why people are conservative here. The locals are not so refined when it comes to appreciating bare skin, even if its just a glimpse of it. Anyway, she decided to change while grumbling that I had double standards. Well, I didn't. The truth of the matter is no one would appreciate something that is not there as in my case, right?

Inspired by this, I wrote a couple of paragraphs about what I honestly thought was the benefits of having small breasts. After a few hours, I checked again. And guess what? It was the top article. And few hours more, I had my writing star and my market place badge. Since it was just my seventh article in a competitive title, I at least expected one star. But I got two instead. What a happy surprise!

Right now Helium is acting up and I can't log-in. I can't wait to check the marketplace titles and try my hand at it. If I could stamp this star on my hand I would. And like any other pre-school kid, I'd refuse to wash my hands, stomp my feet and bite anyone who dares to rub it off.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. Keep it going!


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