Cooking the Philippines

Yes I have heard of an oven or rice cooker. In fact, I think I have a rice cooker somewhere in my kitchen. Like any other Filipino, I only take it out of the box when I actually have to use it.

Robots are marrying couples now in Japan. But in the Philippines, cooking is still as sooty as ever.
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I'm not embarrassed about it though. Cooking in this fashion has taught me a lot of things. Though our rain forests suffer the burden, cooking the traditional way is not going to fade away anytime soon.

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Somehow these photos makes me reminisce about a part of my childhood that literally made me stoke some fire.

"... I had to learn boiling stuff. This was the easiest. I had to boil eggs, boil chicken, boil everything in sight. I started out using a clay cooking set that my mom brought home one time.  Me and my siblings would sneak around the back of the house and start a little bonfire of our own. Then we'd put three big stones set apart around the bonfire. They were arranged in way that they were close enough to each other so that the bottom of our clay pot will stand over our little fire. Our usual recipes would include guava leaves, hibiscus flowers, beetles, dragonflies and sometimes real tomatoes from our backyard. Of course, right about when we have to serve our little creation for tasting, we would each find some other important thing to do. Mine usually was I had to go to the bathroom." 

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Winning Arena said...

This is interesting. I am an urban boy so I have never seen this kind of cooking, except maybe in camping. I didn't know this is still a common sight in phillipines

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